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Professional Discipline

Disciplinary cases

Professional disciplinary proceedings require an understanding of professional ethics, and the relationship between legal liability and professional accountability. I have acted for legal and health professionals, as well as in university disciplinary proceedings.

Judicial review can be a way of ensuring that disciplinary bodies act strictly within the confines of their legislation. I have expertise in the bringing of judicial review proceedings: see Appeals and Reviews.


Member of NZ Markets Disciplinary Tribunal
Member of prosecution panel for Wellington District Law Society


  • “Professional disarray” [2008] NZLJ 285: Commentary on Z v Dental Complaints Assessment Committee [2009] 1 NZLR 1 (SC); Martin v Director of Proceedings 2/7/08, Courtney J, HC Auckland CIV-2006-404-5706 and Complaints Committee No 1 of the Auckland District Law Society v C [2008] 3 NZLR 105.
  • “Conduct and Client Care Rules start to Bite” [2008] NZLJ 449: Commentary on Pioneer Insurance Co Ltd v Anderson (2008) 19 PRNZ 45; Greenmount Manufacturing Ltd v Southbourne (2008) 19 PRNZ 84.

Significant cases

  • G v Psychologists Board 8 December 2009. Wild J, HC Wellington CIV2009-485-2558: Judicial review of Psychologists Board.
  • G v Professional Conduct Committee [2009] NZAR 563 (CA): first case in Court of Appeal under Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003 – scope of “professional misconduct”
  • Geary v Psychologists Board 16 July 2007, Ronald Young J, HC Wellington CIV2005-485-1562: appeal from decision of psychologists board finding of professional misconduct.

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