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Presentations and Publications

“Civil Aviation Liabilities in New Zealand”, in Leading Developments in International Aviation Insurance,Lloyds of London Press Ltd, 1991. Originally a conference paper presented at the Asia Pacific Insurance Conference, Bangkok, 1991.

“The Recent Treatment of International Law by New Zealand Courts”, ANZSIL Proceedings of the Third Annual Meeting Canberra, 1995.

“The Law Relating to Satellite Navigation and Air Traffic Management Systems – A View from the South Pacific”, Royal Aeronautical Society CNS/ATM Forum Sydney, 16 April 1998, revised and updated version published in (2000) 31 VUWLR 428, and also Journal of the Royal Institute of Navigation Vol 53, No. 2 (May 2000).

“Cockpit Voice Recorders in the New Zealand Courts”[1998] The Aviation Quarterly 216.

“The Cockpit Voice Recorder Debate: Public Interest or Pilot Interest?” Proceedings of the 17th Annual ALAANZ Conference Melbourne, 6-9 September 1998.

“The Importance of Treaties in Civil Aviation”,International Law Association (NZ Branch), Treaties and Domestic Law Conference Wellington, 7-8 August 1998.

“Getting the Result: Taking the Law to the Judge”, New Zealand Law Society Public Law Intensive Seminar, 21-22 September 1998.

“Protecting Private Interests in Public Law Consultation”, New Zealand Law Society Public Law Seminar Wellington June 1999.

“Whale Watching, Wine Boxes and Aircraft Accident Reports”, (1999) New Zealand Law Journal, 428

“The Future of Aircraft Accident Investigation”Address to the Aviation Industry Association Conference, Christchurch 2002.

“Brooker’s Aviation Law” Commentary on Part 9A Civil Aviation Act (Liability for International Carriage by Air);

“Advice for the Transport and Industrial Relations Committee of the New Zealand Parliament” relating to Petition 1999/231 of Ross Sutherland and 584 others concerning Paraparaumu Aerodrome – included in the Committee’s Report (1.13A) to Parliament, May 2004;

“Air Accident Investigation: The Role and Approach of Coroners in New Zealand” Proceedings of the 24th Annual ALAANZ Conference, Melbourne 16-18 March 2005.

“Christchurch Coroner’s Report on Piper Chieftain Crash on 6 June 2003”, ALAANZ Aviation Briefs, Volume 32: May/June 2006.

“State Sovereignty and Cross-border ANS Arrangements” Presentation to the CANSO CEO’s Conference, Maastricht, The Netherlands, 12 February 2007.

Legal and Technical Review Report for the Pacific Aviation Safety Office (PASO), August 2007. Report by the consultants (K.I. Murray, Team Leader, R.I.C. Bartsch, M. M. Foon) August 2007.

“Collaborative Safety Oversight in the Pacific Region” – Presentation to the 27th ALAANZ Conference, Sydney, 7-9 May 2008.

“Recent New Zealand Airport Litigation” ALAANZ Briefs, Vol 45 October 2008.

“Rule Making and the Implementation of International Law Standards” paper presented to the Lexis Nexis Conference on Legal Issues for Crown Entities, Wellington, 23 September 2009.

“The Confidentiality of Air Traffic Control Recordings?” The Ron Chippindale address to the Australian and New Zealand Society of Air Safety Investigators’ Conference Wellington 10-12 June 2011 (published in ALAANZ Aviation Briefs Vol 57: Winter 2011).

Institutional Strengthening for Aviation Regulation. Technical Assistance project report for the Asian Development Bank, (K.I. Murray, Team Leader, I.A. Brown, M.E. Murray, M.B. Stevens), January 2014.

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